Day 205

Today I got a new (old 2004) monitor to help improve workflow. Here is a picture of the VGA cable that came with it. Fun fact: VGA stands for Video Graphics Array. It converts a digital signal to an analog signal, so it is best suited for CRT monitors. A DVI-D cable is the best for new digital flat screen monitors, though I need to get a Mac adapter for it at some point to be able to use it.Day 205


4 thoughts on “Day 205

  1. I, too, acquired a second monitor to improve my workflow. When it came to writing research papers for school, it was a dream. For editing photos on the other hand, it was okay. The colour temperature difference between both of my monitors drives me nuts! May I ask what monitor you acquired? I am hoping to eventually replace my two monitors with possibly two IPS monitors that are more consistent and can display the whole sRGB spectrum.

    • I got a cheapo old Dell 1703FP. It’s one of the first iterations of the Dell Ultrasharp series. I am going to continue to use my main display for anything editing or color related until I can afford a new one. There are some great IPS monitors out there for a good price.

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