Day 150

Today was a normal Friday, starting off with a few classes and moving on to preparation for one of my fraternity’s final Rush Week events. It was a chili cook off to see which brother was the best at making chili. One of the contestants showed up a little late, and I decided to give him a hand chopping and dicing some of the ingredients.

Bell peppers were my downfall. I was chopping a little too fast, and on one critical downstroke, the knife slipped and bit into my left ring finger. I had almost cut off the tip of my finger, just a little bit hanging by a thread. One of the brothers took me to the Emergency Room and after a few hours wait, my finger came away with 10 stitches. It should heal nicely, but only time will tell.

I am going to stay away from chili for a little bit.

What an interesting day.

What an interesting day.


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