Day 145

Today was chocked full of excitement. I woke up extremely early to make it to a call at the Freud Theater Playhouse at UCLA to hang, rig, and circuit lighting equipment for the upcoming UCLA CAPs presentation of Shun-Kin, an Asian Theatrical piece.

Directly following that, I had the opportunity to do photo and video coverage of UCLA Campus Events Commission’s Bruin Bash, a traditional part of Welcome week. E-40 and Tyga were the headliners. It was my first time doing coverage in this sort of concert setting. I must say that next time I am bringing earplugs, because being next to the large subwoofers for an extended amount of time probably did quite a lot of damage. I also advise avoiding the stage at all costs near the end of an act, since the chance goes up that the performer (i.e. Tyga) will call the audience up to dance with him. Many people bum rushed the stage and I swear I was an inch from getting punched in the face, but all in all I think it was a worthwhile night.

Welcome Week has begun with a smash.

The audience on the right of the stage, enjoying Tyga's rapping.

The audience on the right of the stage, enjoying Tyga’s rapping.


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