Day 2

I have barely been able to find the time to take a photo today. Between classes and an essay as well as extracurricular activities like the Film and Photography Society (FPS) at UCLA, there are very few hours in my day. This project is also a test in time management, something that I am learning now.

Today at UCLA, I saw a production company parked outside Dickson Court and the Sunken Gardens. Not an uncommon occurrence, but always appreciated none-the-less. People are freaking out and speculating on Facebook whether the Emma someone spotted is Emma Stone or Emma Watson. Popular consensus states that it is Emma Watson, but I was in the area in-between classes and I didn’t see anything to clue me in on either. I guess I will wait until someone actually takes a picture. The role of paparazzi in this regard do not appeal to me.

Instead, here is a picture of Royce Hall, one world famous building and one of the cornerstones of UCLA.

Day 2

Royce Hall


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