Day 1

It may be some form of a response towards a quarter life crisis, but at the dawn of my 20th birthday, I feel like I need a new project, a new lease on life. I am starting this blog under the guise of a year long photo-a-day project. I want it to be a photo journal of my life, a means of recording whatever important events happen in my future.

I have no idea what this will turn into. I may quit after a few months, or I may continue after a year is over. This blog is more a personal means of reflection than anything else. If anyone else chooses to enjoy the photos I take, then great.

On to the “365 Project.” There are many reasons why I have chosen to use this as a means to inaugurate my photo journal. I love photography and I plan on continuing to pursue it as a hobby for as long as I can. There is only one tried and true method towards improvement. By posting a new photo everyday, I am forcing myself to start thinking outside of my preexisting boundaries and begin developing new senses of style and composition, while also bolstering my experience both in taking and processing these photos in post.

So here it is. Day One. Happy May Day, I hope you enjoy what will come.

Canon Rebel T2i

My pride and joy. The reason this project is possible.


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